Astrophotography with Nikon P1000 – 1

The Nikon Coolpix P1000 as a very impressive zoom : 24 – 3000 mm ( 135x ). Is the only camera ( today ) with this kind of superzoom … so it’s a natural though to use it for astrophotography. This is also the idea of Nikon because there are two  dedicated astronomic shooting modes: Star Trails ( used to capture the motion of the stars ) and Moon.


Let’s start with the Star Trails. To select this shoot mode rotate the  mode dial to Scene, press the Menu Button to display the shooting menu  and then, with the Multi Selector, choose Multiple Exp. Lighten – > Star Trail


Now point the camera to the sky, focus to a star ( or set focus to infinity) and simply press the Shutter-release button! You have only to wait…..yes…but wait for? and how long?

In the Star trails mode the P1000 shoots at a shutter speed of 25 seconds, with an interval of 5 seconds between every shots.  Every 30 shots taken a picture is saved with the trails overlapped from the start. For good result you have to wait for almost 2:30 hours.


Here the slideshow of 9 pictures

Here the last picture after a little Lightroom’s editing


In the sample above I didn’t move the camera,  but in the next shooting session , I moved the camera after 1:30 hours…

Remember that during the Star Trails mode:

  • The display may turns off during the interval between shoots. The camera seems power off, but it’s no true: wait a little to see a shot..
  • To finish the session before the time ( 250 mins ) press the OK Button. After 50 shots the P1000 automatically stops.
  • It’s reccomended the use of manual focus or focus to infinity.
  • You cannot use the exposure compensation.
  • The Auto Off function is disabled.

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